New Weightlifting Shoes!


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Its official I am now the proud owner of Crossfit weightlifting shoes. Reebok had an online sale, I got the email packed with subliminal messaging saying buy me! buy me! and I succumbed… 

I’d been thinking about them for a while do I need them, are they worth it, will I use them… 

All these questions running through my head and so without further ado the answer is:


Last night we worked on our back squats after the metcon. I threw out an excited nerd alert warning as I strapped on my new shoes and was off to lift. 

They’re awesome!

My max was 135 from mid April ’15. The lift was 2-3 at 85% 115# and 3-2 at 90% 125#. Yes I realize my math is a bit off... 

It was strenuous but almost felt like I could definitely do more which is exciting #gains

More WOD Testing

This mornings WOD was sweaty!! You know those awesome workouts where after you realize you didn’t die and you’re just dripping sweat from crazy pores on your head ya! 😅

To start we tested out our 400m run time and by we I mean me, 6am flying solo! I didn’t have a time set yet, so when I finished at 1:37 I figured this is a healthy bar set that I hope to crush later this summer! (Ps I wore my regular Crossfit trainers for the run)

The WOD:

4 Rounds

1 min Thruster #35

1 min Toes to Bar – from floor

1 min calorie row

1 min rest

Side notes: I kept the thrusters light so I could get more reps and a better burn. After class last night I had done some pull-up/kipping practice so my shoulder was a bit sore… 

I definitely love rowing in my new shoes! Although the whole strapping in is a bit awkward because of my velcrow straps 😞

I finished with 172 reps overall managed to keep a goal of at least 42 reps per round so I’m proud of that. Especially since I was alone… Wod for 1 

Do you like WOD’ing alone?

What do you think about weightlifting shoes?