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Here’s my weekly update on Getting It Together!

A phrase coined by my dear friend Meghan.

Whether it be me or just the general public… I’ll use this time to let you know what’s what and who needs to Get It Together!

This week… It’s me.
well it’s me and the car, dump truck and police man who were in my lane on the roads… (all seperate incidents…)

I have been working as an Event Coordinator for a prestigious University in Massachusetts. My first event is this Wednesday in NYC!! And I just accepted a  full-time position at a company in Boston!! Already put in 2 hours at my Nannying and I have to work tonight too! Let the candle burning begin!!

 Just booked my train ticket, now I have to do about 1 million other things to make sure my loose ends are tied up! I love traveling to NYC and can’t wait to share the sites and sounds with you!!

Then I need to submit all my new employee documents to the new job… God I can’t wait to start commuting. Not to mention this AWESOME! job. I’m sure I’ll have a million other stories to tell… Look for my ‘Times on the Train’ section!!

 Meanwhile don’t forget to call over 300 people to remind them to come to the NYC event 🙂

Has anyone seen the new show Pan Am?

Man am I going to enjoy that! All the scandal I never had on business trips, but many of the sights I’ve seen!!


I took a quick coffee break this morning to check out my garden.


I’ve been closely monitoring my baby Eggplant… The one and only fruit I have on the vine right now.

For lunch I whipped up some Tuna and enjoyed some delicious bread from my Johnson & Whales Breads and Rolls class!!

Any thoughts as to whether it’ll make it to edible size before the weather turns?

I hope to continue my green thumb screens into the fall/winter with inside window plants… Should be fun! 🙂

Hope you’ve had a great day! Only 5 more hours till my work is done for the day…