I’m looking forward to sharing my good finds and good times with you.

Without further delay let me begin with my weekend activities…

This Fall I have the good fortune to be able to take part in a few cooking classes at Johnson & Whales University Chef’s Choice. I plan to share my experiences with you and I hope you enjoy! 

Saturday – My first class of the season was Breads & Rolls – Pro Series.

This was by far the best cooking class I’ve taken.

Recipes included Honey Wheat Rolls, Baguette’s & Challah Bread.

  Challah Bread is by far my most favorite bread.

I’m afraid to say that if you love Carbs like I love Carbs…

You shouldn’t try this at home 🙂

 Some more of our finished product shown below. Who knew how easy it was to make a  baguette!! not to mention everything else…

In addition to the end result I also learned some fun facts about bread.

First off for those of you who are making bread check your flour! It’s best to used unbleached flour. It’s a couple of dollars more, but honestly it’s your health… You’re worth a couple extra dollars.

Another fun fact… Did you know there are three kinds of yeast? All I can say is that Fresh Yeast is the best and I now have an official reason to drive to Whole Foods! It has a shelf life of 3-4 weeks, but with the holiday baking season right around the corner I’m sure you’ll ‘burn’ right thru it!

If you want a copy of any recipes just let me know!! 🙂

Sunday – Day with the Kids!

During my ‘time off’ I’ve picked up a few side gigs. Nannying is one of them and I do so enjoy it! No seriously it’s a lot of fun to be able to get back in touch with my adolescence… Here’s a snapshot from our fun time at the amusement park…

  When challenged with a brother and sister who don’t quite get along…

 There are a few great ways to burn off some of their energy… Batting cages, Go-Carts and of course Robot Battles!!!

All in all a great weekend! 🙂