Oh Tuesday… It can sometimes be more difficult to get up on a Tuesday vs a Monday. I awoke at 6:45 and started my day with my 4 yr old friend. Yes I nanny a few days a week and I absolutely love it!

Today he gave me my first hug goodbye! guess that means I’m really ‘In’…

The mind of a 4 yr old is amazing. He goes to school 2.5 hours.. I pick him up and all he can say is that he played… There’s got to be some structure in the school system somewhere! All kidding aside he’s super smart and today we built a house and told each other what out favorite animals were… I love that job so sad I have less than a week to go :(…

I also picked up one of my favorite Boston friends Carlie at the train station. She brightened my foggy morning and we went off to the beautiful beach house! View from car below…

They’ve started the Cranberry Harvest in our area just in case you didn’t notice!

I love Fall in New England because things really start to come alive here with the harvests and foliage. Can’t wait to share my view of that with you!!

My afternoon was full of more phone calls and finalizing plans for the big event tomorrow in NYC! I hope I’m fully prepared for this ‘my’ first event with the University!!

I signed off at 5pm and chilled out with a Blue Moon Harvest Pumpkin Ale!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite Fall Beer?

Mine’s definitely Shipyard Pumpkin Head with a Cinnamon & Sugar Rimmer… just sayin’ šŸ˜‰

Tuesday nights as you’ll soon learn is my night with the FBombs! For those of you that have always wondered… FBombs is the name of my bowling team! I created it a couple years ago when we were allowed to make a more ‘scandelous’ name for our team. I love bowling and spending time with the Veracka clan!

Tonight I tried to use the bowling balls I saved all my pennies for back when I was a kid. I believe they’re cursed, so the last game I switched back to the regular old house balls. Boy should I have done that sooner!

Thanks FBOMBS for a great night! And I promise I won’t stray to different balls again šŸ˜‰

I’m super stoked for my trip to NYC tomorrow… Stay tuned for details from my adventure! xo