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Happy October 1st!

Rainy Saturday!!

I’m not going to lie… I was definitely psyched to see that today was not really a great day out! I whipped up some Apple Bacon & an Egg for breakfast…

Yesterday I went to Whole Foods (probably the greatest grocery store ever) and picked up some King Arthur’s Bread Flour & Instant Yeast to put my new bread skills to the test at home!

I started by making Harvest Apple Challah, click here for recipe.

First I let the dough rise…

Then I stuffed it with Apples Like An Envelope and sliced it into small sections

Then I stuffed the sections into a casserole dish & let it rise for another hour.

It wouldn’t be a Burning The Candles At Both Ends cooking experience if I didn’t also make some of my famous Chocolate Chip Cookies while I waited for the dough to rise…

And of course make an additional batch of Challah dough just in case I messed up the first one πŸ™‚

A Few Hours Later…

Success!! My first ever at home Harvest Challah Bread & Challah Bread

Thoughts and comments are appreciated πŸ™‚

I’m now off to the Cape to visit the new Keegan residence & celebrate my Boat Babe Chenel’s Birthday πŸ™‚

Fun Fact of the Day:

You can do anything you put your mind to!