Travel Day 2

Well I can honestly say that my view this morning is not exactly desirable… I guess that’s just they way NYC is structured… And if I could sleep in I guess this would be decent, but again I was up at the crack of dawn to catch my train back to Boston.

Fortunately I had a quick walk from the Fashion District down to Penn Station. I passed by the Fashion Institute of Technology and peered around for any early morning celeb sitings… There weren’t any to be found. I did snap a nice shot of Madison Square Garden on my approach to the station.

As cabs passed me I wondered if any of my dear trade show friends were schlepping their way over to the Javitz at this early hour! Boy do I miss those long hours 😉

I set my self up on the train with a delish French Vanilla Ice Coffee (just a little more cream than I like…) and a Banana Nut Muffin.

I took the ‘regular’ train back, so the trip took just over 4 hours. As I arrived on the platform a big smile formed on my face as I thought about my future and how this will be my new stomping ground in just about a week!

I then headed up to New Hampshire to a great little farm called Mack’s Apples. We picked out a bunch of Apples, Mum’s and Pumpkins!! So excited to bring some of the Fall Harvest into my home!

Question of the Day:

What’s your Favorite part of the Fall Harvest?

Mine would definitely have to be cooking!

Stay tuned!