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Sunday Morning!

The skies were definitely a little misleading on Sunday Morning, but thankfully my Softball plans still stand for the afternoon!

I’m so excited my first Sunday off since Football Season started YAY!

But first let me catch you up a little on the rest of my Saturday.

I headed off the main land onto the Cape for my ‘Boat Babe’ Chenel’s 30th Surprise Birthday!! Hence why I couldn’t tell you about it before…

She had no idea! Her husband had us go bowling as a decoy party… It was only 4 faithful ‘partiers’ who hit the lanes. When she arrived she asked where just about everyone who was setting up the real party… It’s like Jeez girl we’re not enough! 😉

After a quick game we had to skeedaddle back to the real party. Chenel was blindfolded for the ride in our attempt to fool her that we weren’t heading right back to her house to PAR-TAY

When she arrived she knew exactly where she was… DAMN! But she had no idea that her favorite country singer DICK! would be standing on her porch ready to serenade her for the rest of the evening!!


Derek did an awesome job pulling the party together!!!

Below are a few more pics from the festivities!


I also Discovered one of THE COOLEST! cake options ever

May I introduce you to the Cake Pops!These were by far the best, most innovative bundling for cake I’ve seen in a long time… Way cooler than sliced bread!!

Jessica you’re amazing and did an awesome job with these!!!

Click here for the Recipe!


Softball turned into batting practice since we only had 9 people. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and I can’t wait for the next time I can join them!

Needless to say after a brutal practice (Tina I’m sure will laugh) I hit the showers and then refreshed with a Shipyard Pumpkin Head!

I first placed some maple syrup on the rim. I used a saucer dish to help me get the best poor with the least mess

Then mixed cinnamon & sugar together in a small Tupperware container. The Tupperware will help you to conserve your spices for the next drink!

Lastly I dipped my glass. Viola!


Check out this link from Shipyard with more fun ways to Spice Up Your Pumpkin! Click Here. The Smashed Pumpkin sounds delicious!!

Question of the Day:

When The Shipyard Pumpkin Head runs out… What other Pumpkin Beers do you recommend?

Cheers 🙂