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It’s finally Fall! You could definitely feel it in the air this morning!

I brought a little more of it into my place as well 🙂

In preperations to get my Burning the Candle at Both Ends, back into high gear… I stocked up at BJ’s on some non-perishable essentials.

Yes Gushers are an essential

I’m 5 yrs old yes…

Yes I have a ‘granny’ cart. It’s amazing. Don’t knock it until you try it…

Especially if you live on the 3rd floor… like I do! 🙂

I love living on the 3rd floor. It often brings back many fond memories of my Rugby Girls!! and of course the paint battle w 2nd floor…


Friends In The Movies!!

OK so this is pretty cool! A few of my friends have joined the cast of “THE COMPANY YOU KEEP″ it’s gearing up to be an amazing project with an honest perspective on South Boston life depicted by the people who have lived it firsthand.

After speaking with my friend and screen writer Adriano he elaborated that the store truly tells a more true to life story. Here’s a little more details “In a working class South Boston, “SOUTHIE” A repentant hood’s effort to change his ways are distrupted by his reckless bestfriend!” They start filming next month! Can’t wait to visit the set and share with you all! Hollywood Here We Come!

I had to work late this evening, so I decided to craft up dinner a little early! My favorite take out dish – Pad Thai!!

To start I had purchased some ‘specially’ fed chicken from Whole Foods and my Thai in a box 🙂 I used an Eggland’s Best egg, which appropriately is decorated with a Breast Cancer emblem! So cool, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month in case you weren’t aware!

I then began to combine my ingredients… ooo ahhh! I also smashed some peanuts to add before serving. I can’t lie smashing peanuts is a great stress reliever 🙂

Pad Thai Chicken Success!

I just want to say that I hope my little plants don’t figure out that

Fall is here!

They’re just starting to produce fruit!! I’ll be moving them in over the next day or so to ensure that they don’t get Frost Bite!


According to The Tasteful Garden Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Spinach, Cauliflower, Peas, Lettuces and greens of all types can be grown in the Fall.

That means my Peppers and Eggplants need to take cover STAT!