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Today is just another day of proof that weathermen have the best job by far! It was supposed to be a rainy day, but I was greeted with shards of sunlight coming through my shades this morning at my 6:45 wake up time…

Life with my little 4 year old friend is coming to a close. Today we watched a little TV then colored Ghosts before the daily grind started. Only 2 more days!

Check out this Ghost we drive by on the way to school!

Ok I went a little crazy with the shopping today…

Check Out Twice As Nice Consignment Shop

I seriously can not believe I found these Columbia Snow pants for under $20 and these amazing Coach Snow Boots for under $70. I’m really excited for both items!

The Snow Pants I really need for our sledding excursions this winter and I’ve also promised myself that I WILL hit the slopes this year with my new Snowboard that I purchased last summer!

The Boots will be amazing for trudging around in the city in the muck & snow. And based on my initial investment I won’t be extremely heartbroken if they run into a dirty snow bank or two!

Question of the Day:

What’s your favorite winter activity? – Mine would have to be SLEDDING!

My dear friend Carlie called me and was surprisingly in the area for the day! We went down to Kiskadee Coffee to chill and enjoy the beautiful weather!

I ordered a Vanilla Chai Latte (yes with the works)… I’m a believer that if you’re going to splurge on something you have to do it right! Otherwise it’s more of a skimp…

I also purchased my very first T Pass of my professional Bostonian commuting career!! So excited. T-6 days till I start and boy do I have a lot of ‘things I’ve put off’ to do around the house…

Instead of doing any of those things…

I decided to crash my parents house. I chilled out with the dogs and when boredom finally over took me I decided to whip up a Banana Bread 🙂

It’s the first Banana Bread I can remember making unsupervised… and yes I’m an adult now (don’t judge!) The recipe was simple, click here to give it a try yourself!

Finally, 5pm rolled around and I my dinner date (DAD) finally showed up 🙂 We headed down to Bangkok Thai. Urbanspoon gives this place 5 stars!

I ordered the Thai Spaghetti.

This place puts out the kind of eats you crave at all hours of the day! DELISH!!!

Tuesday always includes adventures with the FBOMBS! Stay tuned 🙂