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Halloween is right around the corner, so I’ve made my preparations for early trick or treaters! Let me introduce you to Franky! This year Franky is filled with Snickers. I highly recommend stopping by to treat.

If you can’t make it definitely be sure to pick up your own snickers and then stick it in your freezer… A little while later take it out and enjoy!!! Makes the average treat a lot more fun to eat!!

Today was my last day with my little 4-year-old friend. We spent the morning creating some Halloween decorations for the play room!




He presented me with a Good Luck card!

So awesome!!! 🙂

After having visited Twice As Nice Consignments earlier this week, I decided it was time to seriously go through all of my clothes. The trouble with going through clothes for me is often having the thought of ‘oh I’ll fit into these again’ or ‘I might need this for something…’

Check out these helpful Tips!

I followed this rule:

If the item hasn’t seen the light of day in more than a year let it go! You’re never gonna wear it again.

Can’t wait to do the big drop off on Sunday!! 🙂

Question of the day

Anyone out there?? 🙂