Well I’m on the road again! So psyched. If only I didn’t have this nasty cold! Seriously what’s worse than meeting new people with a tissue in hand! Achoo…

Traveling with a head cold can be dicey! Especially when flying and trying to pop your ears! Fortunately only 1 ear drum was clogged for the first part of my visit.

I have to say that I’m so psyched to be back working full time again 🙂


but man oh man I just made my flight this morning! The new set up for security @jetblue terminal C at Logan was moving slower than molasses! Thank god for @united premier status or I never would have made it. I was literally in my seat for 1 minute before they shut the door… If only the @chelseabridge project was done I would have had at least 10 more minutes and 3 less gray hairs!

I’m off to get some rest please enjoy this morning view I captured from the other day…