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Nothing 🙂 I’m here for training in my new job. Since I refuse to talk about work in my blog I can’t really elaborate on how awesome my day was… Or how excited I am to be working for such an awesome up and coming company!!!

I caught some breakfast this morning at the hotel. Since I was too sick to drag myself to dinner last night I was starved this morning. So I enjoyed an omelette, wheat toast and oj…


I caught the evening local news and man I have to say that only in Pennsylvania will you see headlines about a Horse And Buggy crash… Greensburg has a bunch of shopping, but unfortunately for me I’m staying at a hotel set way up on a hill. This is not ideal for me trekking my way to the mall or more importantly trudging home with my potential purchases… Plus there’s talk of ‘cell like’ weather heading this way… Great… Instead I’ve decided to bunker down at Happy Hour 🙂
Fun fact:
I heard MA is thinking of passing a law attached to the new casinos, that will allow for bars to have Happy Hour!!!


I enjoyed some coconut shrimp at happy hour… Ok definitely fried shrimp… With essence of coconut…

Food on the road has seen better days…

One more day in PA 🙂