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Monday, Monday…


Everyone always seems to have a solid negative opinion on the start of the week. I was pretty stoked about things today! No travel in the near future and a full week of commuting fun to be had for me 🙂


The train is a funny place. There’s groups of people who meet up in cars and chat about life, business and new technology… The best so far is peering into the social skills of grown men… A riot let me tell you!

It’s amazing how time just disappears when you work in the city! A few hours at work, on the train, getting ready, and back again!

Question of the day:
What helps you to balance a busy schedule?

For me it’s always been keeping my eye on the prize. Anything from The weekend, upcoming get together or nice treat I have waiting at home for me.

For those of you who don’t know I’m in the middle of a break up. Its tough to stick to your guns when your emotions want something different. Trusting yourself and knowing what’s right is the most important thing…

Another Question of the day:
How do you stay strong through tough times?

On a happier note I have a night with the Fbombs to look forward to!

Bombs Away!!