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Well it’s official. I brought my Starry Night mouse pad and Cell Phone Chair holder into the office, so I’m here to stay!

Not like it was even a question. This place rocks and completely blows my old job out of the water… Boom!

I lugged my oversized bag/purse into the city this morning prepped for rain (umbrella), cold weather (jacket), reading material (The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest) and lunch :)…

Never underestimate or judge a girl with a large bag… She’s prepared for more than you think!
Stay tuned for my post on women and large bags/purses!!

Snacked on a Power bar on the train after realizing that I skipped dinner last night!


Last night with the FBombs… We lost all 3 games 😦 Sadly two of our team members were down and out. ‘Mom’ with a broken wrist & ‘Tamarama’ with Pnemonia! Swift recovery wishes to both of them!! I had a liquid dinner consisting of 2 Harpoon UFO’s… This is my favorite go to beer 🙂

In Burning The Candles At Both Ends fashion I forgot to pack my lunch last night, so again today I’m eating Heathly Choice Vegetable soup. It’s delish don’t get me wrong… But this is day 3 people… I need to get some grocery shopping going on and some lettuce!


I’m started expanding my Burning The Candle At Both Ends brand today…

Click here and check out some of my apparel!

I’ll be adding way more soon enough 🙂

After work I met up with one of my best friends Sarah! We had a slight communication break down between my dropped phone, flipped umbrella and f***ing rain… And I ended up at the Renaissance having a beer alone…


We reconnected at Whiskey Priest, which was a pleasant surprise considering the windy, rainy, cold conditions outside! I ordered the Tomato, basil & mozzarella salad and a delish! Shipyard Pumpkinhead . It was all I could do not to order the wings…


It’s always great to catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while and I hope to do more of this soon now that I’m in the city!

Question of the Day:
How do you stay in touch with your great friends who live far away?

Big thanks to Mother Nature today for soaking me to the bone. 🙂