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I’ll be honest when I awoke this morning I didn’t know exactly how today was going to go… I was running a few minutes late, but no big deal when I got to the station… It was hilarious when I started to put my money into the slot for parking that it started to rainPOUR!… Thankfully I had my rain coat and umbrella.


By the way I did almost leave the my umbrella in the car… Oye I love those moments when you’re like “Geez I need more coffee!!”

This morning I of course was armed with my Ice Coffee and I enjoyed a Granola Bar for breakfast on the train. Ya exciting I know!

I have to say after 3 days of canned soup… I couldn’t do it anymore! I took the recommendation of my coworkers and headed over to Susan’s Deli Of Course. I have a small weakness for Chicken Ceasar Wraps… Just say’in!


I only ended up eating half of the sandwich it was really filling. Also I should mention that the chicken was super moist! That’s so important. period.

I decided to treat myself because as I mentioned before I ate soup for lunch 3 days this week!!… so I had a Dr. Pepper & some Sour Cream & Onion Lays.

Question of the Day:

What’s your favorite lunch treat?

The train ride home went by so quickly!


I love that it’s still light out when I come home… I only wonder what it’s going to be like when day light savings comes around. I’m definitely dreading the go to work in the dark come, come home in the dark phenomenon…

On the upside…

I’m making really good progress on my book. Almost done and it’s getting really good!!! I almost wish my train ride was twice as long. Only a few more pages to go…


As I mentioned before never judge a girl with a big bag! Here was my big bag for the day. I had to bring some things home that I had not wanted to carry during the torrential rains…


Anyways… For dinner I hit up Mom’s 🙂 for some Spinach Ravioli! I LOVE Spinach Ravioli… Thanks Mom!

Time for Jersey Shore & DVR Ketchup 🙂