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I’m a fan of the Jersey Shore. There’s something about reality TV that’s got me hooked.

I’m a Jersey Shore Kardashian Housewives galore (even the desperate ones) Rachel Zoe Project Runway House Hunter (international) Biggest Loser Top Chef reality TV lover…20111021-093606.jpg

Don’t judge…

The Shore Finale last night had me almost believing that the Situation wasn’t going to be in the next season… Almost 😦 and I have to say it was so nice to see Sammy & Ron get along all season!!I also caught up on this past weeks Desperate Housewives episode… I’m truly sad that this is their last season. I’ve been watching the series from the start… I I I can’t talk anymore about the sadness 😉

I must say that I held off on enjoying any wine last night… I have a lovely bottle of Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio waiting for me in the fridge… Which I will tap tonight!!