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In this episode of Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Beef Cookery Class At Johnson & Whales
Keegan House Warming Party
Tina’s 25th Surprise Party!!

Let’s begin!

Saturday I had to get up at the same time I would normally for work… I was so exhausted from having stayed out late at Tina’s 25th… Someone please tell me why!!20111022-210902.jpg

Beef Cookery Class!! I was really looking forward to this class since there’s a lot about meat I don’t really know. 20111022-210848.jpg

These classes are great because a lot of different recipes are made within the 4 hours.


My Mom & I got to make the Stuffed Boursin Burgers! I had never heard of Boursin Cheese, but man am I glad I did! It’s delish for sure 🙂


To start the class the instructor reviewed how to carve the fat & other non – desirable parts off. It was very cool, informative and definitely not for the weak stomach 🙂


We made bacon for the burgers in the oven.

Personally this is one of my favorite ways to make bacon because you don’t have to deal with all the splatter on the stove, surrounding area and most importantly YOU!




We stuffed the burger patties with the Boursin Cheese. YUM!20111022-210955.jpg

Chopped the onion (which I now have a special tactic for!!) and sliced tomatoes for our burgers.

Fun Fact:

If you’re a slicing crier… You should try chilling the onion first. This will help to keep your eyes dry for sure!


We then painted clarified butter onto the rolls.

Fun Fact:

To get clarified butter you melt it down in the microwave (A measuring cup is the best container) then take the middle component. Top is ‘scum’ & the bottom is water. Food Science!



I also learned how to make decorative fruits and vegetables. Check it out!



Being the innovative chef that I am… I decided to carmelize onions and then grill the burgers with the onions with just a little bit of bacon fat… Fat kid city!!! Delish 🙂



My Mom is pretty amazing. After learning about decorative cutting my Mom went ahead and prepped the dish. Her rose looks just like the ones the instructor made. So proud! ❤



Check out the Philly Cheese steaks my neighbors prepared!


Here’s the final stage of Beef Stroganoff… This was one of my fav’s during tasting 🙂



Viola! Here are all the dishes we made! 20111022-211215.jpg

And lastly my plate with a sample from everything our class made 🙂 My burger was BOMB! and that Beef Stroganoff was to die for 🙂 Watch out friends next BBQ – Burgers at my place will be a little better than the best!!20111022-211226.jpg

After class I picked up Tink & headed to the Cape for the Keegan Housewarming party 🙂 Great friends of mine have just purchased a house on the Cape. I have to say it’s beautiful! And ok I’ll admit it… Even though it’s on the Cape… It’s still fairly close to me… I’ll just always remember to pack my passport 😉

Pic below is Meghan opening this gorgeous hand carved wood name placard that Derek & Chenel (my boat babe) made 🙂


I was a little nervous bringing tink down to the house of 3 dogs… But after a little bit they seemed to get along. I will say though their Laberdoodle, Winston, wanted to be her Tink’s boyfriend 🙂


Friday Night was a lot of fun. It’s been a while since I went out locally. We hit up the BBC for Tina’s Surprise 25th!


We enjoyed a few Shipyard Pumpkinheads! (Shocker) until the bar ran out! This time of year is always so sad for me because my favorite seasonal beer starts to disappear… Don’t worry kids I ran out to the package store and picked up a case of it to cry in over the next few weeks 🙂


In case you don’t know… The BBC has the BEST PIZZA!20111022-211331.jpg


All in all it’s been a great couple days for me.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and have a relaxing Sunday!