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Two great days in a row. It really has me thinking I’ve made all the right moves lately!

Nothing makes me smile more than random acts of kindness, chivalry and returned smiles. A lot of this can be found on the train I ride… Although I have to admit its almost laughable to watch grown men compete like high schoolers to get out of the parking lot first!
Question of the day:
What randomly brings a smile to you?

For lunch on Tuesday I went out with a couple co-workers for Vietnamese in Chinatown.. Where else?… I’d never had Vietnamese before, but I’ll tell you I definitely will do it again! I started with Summer rolls then had cold noodles w delish extras including sprouts, cilantro and more! I enjoyed the leftovers for dinner on Wednesday…

I finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets nest and have now moved on to True Compass, Kennedy’s memoir. I’ve had this book for a month now just waiting to be read, but honestly I’ve wanted to read it since it first came out. Another great thing about the new job… I now have time to read 🙂


Still no heat at home. Not by choice either! We haven’t had heat or ac since hurricane Irene. I didn’t really view it as a problem until I noticed that there’s snow freeze warnings and snow showers in the forecast! I’m not sure a duraflame logs going to cut it again tomorrow!

I’m really excited for the snow to come though! My boards ready, trips are in the works and best of all I get to experience it in the city!! All in all life’s been good these past few days 🙂

Ps sorry for the lack of photos. More to come I promise 🙂