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Good morning New England!

Well it’s official we’ve had out first snow. It’s time to put the scrapper and shovels back in the car! This morning I bundled up like a mini snow girl and hit the road.

It cracks me up to listen to the crazy things people say and complain about regarding the weather… You all know you secretly love it. If you didn’t you’d move!!!

I love Thursday & Fridays on the team because I have my train buddy Karen with me!! The ride is so much quicker when filled with gossip, coffee and wifi… It is a nice way to break up the week!

Question of the day:
What’s your favorite part of commuting?

Thursday was just a small preview to the winter that’s coming! It was wet, windy and cold in the city! My 3 least favorite elements… I braved these elements anyways and hit up Al’s Deli for lunch!


Eggplant parm is my favorite! And today I had the works along with it (chips & soda)…


I couldn’t finish it all without becoming the fat kid so I’m saving the rest for lunch on Friday!! 🙂


Right now I’m the office enemy… Yea I brought in a big bag of snickers to share with my coworkers… A little Halloween spirit if you will 🙂


Another question of the day:
What’s your favorite Halloween candy?
Mine is definitely mini Snickers!!