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Daylight savings!! I have a love hate relationship with good ole daylight savings… Fall is by far my favorite because it’s gaining an hour and lighter in the morning… Spring is my favorite because then Summers right around the corner…


Today is day 1 at the new gym! I took advantage of not having mentally switched my clocks and hopped out early to the store to grab a new lock… I gave my old one to my x who hasn’t returned it… Even though he’s not really gym’in it anymore… Its all good… I don’t know about you but when it comes to my x’s (normally) I always keep a piece of my heart for them regardless of the situation… I’m just that kind of girl 🙂

Question of the day:
What are your general thoughts about relations with the X?

Reading Carrots n Cake last night was very inspiring. Her motivating thought while running the NYC marathon is ‘running because you can.’ this act is something a lot of us take for granted.

During my weekend of hibernation I caught up on the Biggest Loser. They can’t run when they first arrive, but in the end they’re going to run a marathon… So… Although I’ve always used the I want to look good I a bathing suit… I think it’s time to trade up to a more inspirational and long term motivation…
Another Question of The Day:
What motivates you to work out or keep pushing?

Total Body Conditioning class… Omg! So day one of belonging to awesome gyms in the city thank you regional pass!! I am so excited that I have classes at my finger tips every day 🙂 this could be easier than I thought…

Started w 10 walk / sprint then hit up class… I was in the front and you know I liked it! I don’t really care what people think these days… Must be my old lady side coming through. Digressing… After class I hit up 15 more minutes on the Eliptical then the .75 mile walk back to the train 🙂 all in all a great day!

This morning I had an orange and a granola bar along with two cups of coffee. For lunch i had two mini tuna sandwiches on the fresh bread i made yesterday. For Snack i had some Activia Blueberry Yogurt. Dinner I munched on a bag of celery, tuna, lettuce and a piece of bread… Oh diet… I hate you already 🙂

Can’t wait to see how motivated I’ll be tomorrow morning! Will I opt for the early morning train/workout… Or the quick after work cardio session and early train… Anyways thanks to those of you who are reading! Your keeping me motivated 🙂 gnight.