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Well folks… It’s Friday and after 4 long days of hitting the gym and burning the candle at both ends I am exhausted… This week was a doozy but I made the best of it with my first Zumba class, dinner & drinks with my dear friend Ryan and finally a Hair Cut!

Thanks to my cousin Chris for sharing this w me 🙂

Zumba was so fun! For those of you who know my dancing skills personally… I did quite well and only started messing up at the end and only because my brain was tired!! I did back to back Core Conditioning and Zumba. I really hope that these classes end up being the missing piece to my long term success 🙂

I met Ryan at Petit Robert, a quaint place in Downtown Crossing. Good place to meet up have a little sushi and relax 🙂 seeing Ryan is always so fun. First off we always have so much to catch up on and secondly it feels like we never left… 🙂

Finally after months I got a hair cut 🙂 I am the lowest maintenance person so getting my hair cut is always last on my list… I hit up salon Debu in the Leather District… Very relaxing 🙂 I got hooked up with a dry cut and my locks are much happier now… 🙂 I only hope my natural sun kissed highlights don’t grow out…

I don’t know about you… But I love Brueggers Bagels!!

I’m convinced they put crack in them… Convinced! I not only had a bagel for breakfast, but I had a bagel sandwich for lunch too! I behaved all week, so my Friday lunch was well worth the wait!!

This my friends is my favorite soda in All of Massachusetts…


This week I was fondly reminded why I love the commuter rail so much!! Yes that’s me parked on Rt 3 behind the biggest f’in truck on the highway… Typical…


And here’s a photo of just how early I had to get up to get my ass to the gym in the city…


And lastly this is how pretty it can be on a crisp fall morning… The dark space on the right is a pretty tree with red leaves… It’s there trust me…


I hope your as thankful as I am to have the week behind you and a cold beverage in hand 🙂