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Another week begins…

Good morning 🙂 today I’m heading in very early to meet w a trainer. Part of my new fancy membership. It’s Monday and I like many didn’t work out this weekend and I didn’t eat the best options… So I’m pulling a double work out day! As of now I’m really excited for Total Body Conditioning tonight!


This weekend was a lot of fun… Met up w some friends I hadn’t seen in a while, worked and saw some things that remind me that things just don’t change… I am slowly realizing day by day how much closer I am to letting go of what had been my reality for so many years… All motivation to keep getting stronger and improving…

Question of the day:
What motivates you to stay strong?

For me it’s knowing that there’s so many things out there that I have yet to experience 🙂 just over a month ago I opened the door wide to these things and I’m only just now discovering it all. Namaste!