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I have not practiced Yoga in a long time…

It has been calling my name since I joined the BSC though. I made it a point to hit up the 1.5 hour long session this evening. Although I’m sitting here now waiting for the 930 train… Hating that I’ll get home much later than expected… I’m still glad I went. The teacher mentioned the Yoga glow that you get after having practiced… I’m very shiny and loving it right now!!

I of course hit up the Total Body conditioning class before Yoga and man o man is that the best class! Perfect way to start the week I tell you… Although tomorrow evening when all this activity is kicking in and my muscles are repairing I may think differently.

Still one of the most rewarding things about working out is the ability to say that I got off my ass and did something… And I held all my poses for the full count… πŸ™‚

Question of the day:
What sort of things do you find most rewarding after a long workout?

I’m now sitting next to Cheese Boy… Eating celery… Thinking through the results of my fitness test from the morning.


Celery is very comforting πŸ™‚

Have a great night all!