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Friday! I’ve been waiting for you all week!

Sometimes I have the problem that there’s so much going on that things start to slip. I can slide down so far that suddenly everything seems out of reach. This was one of those weeks…

From working to the gym to friends and feeding it’s just been a tough on. There was just so much going on in this week that I can hardly remember the first thing never mind the last thing… I am cursed to be eternally positive about things, but similarly I often have a lot of negative around me… I mean who doesn’t!

I came up with this thought last night while taking the last train home.

“Life is a song. Sometimes you follow the beat and other times you make the music”

I think this is true to the way I live. I am as an adult a follower of the daily grind a marcher to the beat… But for those of you who know me or those intuitive enough to tell I have some very interesting music going on throughout my life.

I leave you all with that thought this evening. Looking out on the great space that is filled with all you have done, do and will be… Imagine your music.