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Hello Readers 🙂

So I am really excited!! OXO has chosen my blog and has given me a very fancy Cookie Spatula to give away! Yes a freebie!! I am so excited because for starters my old spatula has a tear in it and is no longer effective. I can’t even begin to express how happy I am that OXO has given me a free one! And they recognized my blog… My hobby has been recognized!20111207-212555.jpg

Ok I’m done gloating!…

So I arrived home today after another long day of work in the city. I was a little sad because I had to work late and missed Cardio Kickboxing class… It’s been a while since I’ve been home before 9pm so I took full advantage of my time and started cooking up a storm…

This is what a Burning the Candle At Both Ends kitchen looks like… Seriously 3 different cooking projects, a few phone calls and some side nibbling… Oh yeah!20111207-212632.jpg

Later this week I’m heading to my friend Karyn’s Christmas party. It’s the second party of the Holiday Season for me… For those of you who don’t know this is my first Christmas Season as a single lady in over 8 years… NOW that’s a crazy stat for me!

Anyways… I whipped up some delicious Chocolate Chip cookies to bring to the party!! And I got to use my brandy new OXO Cookie Spatula! How cute is this?


OXO is on a mission to support Kids’ with Cancer. 50% of all profits will benefit pediatric cancer awareness…. To purchase a fabulous spatula head over to Bed Bath & Beyond or www.amazon.com… Other local retailers can be found at www.oxogoodcookies.com… Help them raise $100,000 to support Cookies for Kids’ Cancer!

Chocolate Chip Cookies are my favorite… I love to make them and I love to share them with my family, friends and co-workers 🙂

Now I mentioned that I have one of these spatula’s to give away as well!! So here’s the deal, let me know what your favorite holiday cookie is… oh ya and you should probably follow my blog 🙂 I have some entertaining things to share from time to time!! I will pick the winner on Saturday! Good luck 🙂

Whoops! Carlie just called me! I am getting myself back on track my season ticket holder friends have called me to share their love (tickets) with me! Just landed a few Celtics Tickets!! Can’t wait to go to the game on my Birthday week!! Ok back to blogging… 😉

The new spatula is AMAZING!!! Check out my super clean bowl…


Clean bowl = more delish cookies!!


Now if only I had a maid to help me out with cleaning the kitchen… And if only I had a boy to share my delish cooking with… (or not) 🙂20111207-212723.jpg

Don’t forget to leave your comment and of course check out www.oxogoodcookies.com!!