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Yesterday was my busiest day on the blog… Either you guys like free stuff or you actually like reading what I have to say… If you likey then follow 🙂 It’s just a small thing you can do to keep me motivated as I strive to take over the world!! get and stay in shape!20111209-072229.jpg

Friday mornings are always the BEST! Although I love my job… I do love my weekend time too… Basically weekends have become a bit sacred for me as they mean I do not have to take the train for 2 whole days in a row. Don’t get me wrong It’s great here, no traffic, wifi, the works… But sometimes especially when I go swimming in the am I travel in and out of the city in the dark… It’s almost as if I could fool myself into thinking that it were night when it’s really morning… Twilight zone’ish if you will!

Last night I caught up on one of my favorite shows… The Biggest Loser! I’ve watched this show since it started and find it to be very motivational… There’s something about watching the transformations and knowing that if I continue to work hard I too will be able to achieve the desired results and hold onto them… “Hard Work… Dedication” They ran a marathon this episode and I have to give it to them. It’s not something that is necessarily on my list, but running a road race is. And it’s what I plan to accomplish in the Spring of 2012… Hold me to it people ok?

Does anyone else have a goal like this for 2012? Do tell!

As usual don’t forget to check out my OXO giveaway!! I’m going to pick the winner tomorrow (Saturday), so leave a comment and follow me!

While I have your attention… Monday I spilled an entire hot coffee with cream and sugar all over my floor while trying to leave. It was an epic disaster! All week I had been coming home and trying to scrub the crap out of the floor to clean it up. I went through an entire bottle of Resolve and Woollight carpet cleaner. My Mom ❤ finally brought back my Bissell carpet cleaner last evening (every person with white carpets needs to own one) and it cleaned up in no time!! Small triumphs! 20111209-072235.jpg

And I must mention that I told myself things can only go up from here and they did 🙂 phew!

Have a great Friday everyone!