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As most of you know or can tell I’m a fairly positive person, but looking back at this week I was thrown a variety of curve balls where I was faced with a decision… Stay up at bat or walk away from the game…


The trouble all started over the weekend when I realized that my heating unit had finally decided to stop working… Over the course of the week the repair person said he would be here, then had something come up, then would be here, so basically this morning is his last chance… Thank goodness my Dad was able to be available for his no shows… As you know I still haven’t mastered the art of being in 2 places at once and right now my job is the number 1 priority. Fingers crossed all goes well today… There were a few other mishaps throughout the week, like not really being able to get myself to the gym but I’m not going to focus on any more of the bad… That’s just how I roll…

So on to the good!

Tomorrow is the day I’ll draw the winner for the OXO give a way!!! If you haven’t commented on my cookie post today is your last chance!!20111216-080817.jpg

This week I booked my flight to Germany for January! I must say I’m very excited to have the opportunity to travel out to my work headquarters and learn more about… well. everything I guess! I’ve traveled to Germany once before a few years ago. Fun stuff! Prost!

Another fun thing that happened for me this week is that I got to reconnect with my dear friend Katie! It’s been months I tell you since I’ve seen her and it was truly great to get together… Although she is a very bad influence and made me do shots on a school night… Hate that!

I must be honest… I would have strong armed her into the same behavior so what can I say really?!


Last night I joined my dear friends Tammy and Chris at their hot tub! After a long week really what is better than surrounding yourself with bubbles and good company for a few pruning hours of relaxation! They also had just tapped a fresh keg… For those of you Kegerator owners out there… I am so jealous!!! That thing rules!

As I mentioned working out this week wasn’t that easy to accomplish, I made it to Total Body Conditioning on Monday and I’m hitting Boot Camp up this evening. I know that’s not much, but it’s something and it was all I could do this week… 

I stuck to my diet for the most part and took good care of myself only indulging in some Frankie D’s wings on Tuesday and then a couple Italian cookies from the North End at work on Thursday. What do you want from me it’s the holidays after all! Campbell’s soup cups have really been saving me as they’re nutritious and a very healthy option for lunch when you sit at a desk all day…


Something I’m becoming very mindful of is my sleep/rest. It is amazing how many things can go wrong in life when you don’t get proper rest. Maybe I’m getting old, but I just can’t stay out and have fun like I used to. I need at least 6 hours of sleep to function otherwise there’s bound to be trouble…

Don’t worry folks I’m still burning the candle, but this is one thing that is a must have in my weekly routine!

Question Of the Day:

What’s something that keeps you going throughout the week? Is it sleep like me or do you have a better solution?