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Hello Friends,

The other day a new neighbor moved in on the desk across from me. Seriously people this is a huge problem… It is a Derek Jeter Bobble head doll… I’m a Red Sox fan. Born and Raised! Now I am forced to look at this bobbling Yankee all day every day. He can’t be avoided… He’s in my peripherals… AH!

Now for some this may not be a big deal… But let me just give you the inside scoop. Any Yankee fan who steps into the Boston area with any sort of pin stripe paraphernalia on them… Is asking for the hate to start raining on them. And honestly folks… The hate is happening within people’s heads and they can’t even control it. We were born this way!

So I posted on Facebook asking my close friends what to do about this dilemma and I must say I’m impressed with the mafia like suggestions on how to kill that were posted. Nice work guys! I know who to call when… just kidding 🙂

A friend of mine John, received the most amazing gift for christmas. I nerf grenade launcher complete with camera and remote control. Come on people! This stuff was not around when we were kids… Great suggestion and my birthday is 1/24, so no rush but I’d love one!

Another friend of mine suggested spit balls and since I had a cold I branded them as nuclear spit balls as I threatened my co-worker… 🙂 Don’t worry HR it’s all in good fun and no co-workers have been hurt or discriminated against in this story.

Gronking shirts suggested that I GRONK that piece of plastic to the hard wood floor and be done with it!

One of the best solutions that came across my desk was to have an A-Rod cut out added to the collection… only shorten him to a particular height that some may thing is a little inappropriate!

I’ll admit that I picked him up to check out what kind of material he was made of. In case I could melt him in my soup. And while vigorously shaking him his bat fell off… I obviously felt bad, but this has displayed a point of weakness that maybe I can play upon…

Anyways the polls are not closed by any means, so please empathize with me and then send me your suggestions on how to bring down the Jeter Bobble head!

There he is…