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It all started with a quiet New Years at home…

This year brought a lot of hurdles and tests my way. I am very happy to say that although I may not have passed with flying colors in some situations. I survived. And that my friends is saying something.

Here are some of my top high and low lights of the year… Ya ya out in the public for you all to see, judge and talk about… πŸ˜‰

I turned 28. Can’t quite remember what I did for my birthday…

Upon returning from almost a month on the road I had a sudden career change… AMEN! Then went to Vegas a week later… and for some reason… Couldn’t quite manage to get on the plane we were supposed to get on… You know what they say… What happens in Vegas…

Realized that it’s time to slow down and take in what life is really all about!

Rode a Jetskii

Sailed on a Boat…

In fact I was on a lot of boats this summer!! Boats!

Kayaked the Jones all the way to Nelson! 2.5 hours later… I survived!

Served as a Bridesmaid for 2 weddings. Congrats Sarah & Brendan and Meghan & Brian!

Finally went to the Vineyard twice! It had been well over 15 years…

I survived 6 months of forced vacation during the summer time!

I got rid of someone in my life who was making me miserable… For those of you who know… Thank god! πŸ˜‰

Learned a lot about myself…

I survived an Earthquake!

I survived a trip to the Jersey Shore!

I survived the hurricane and 2 solid days of no electricity and all the problems that came along with that even months later…

Saw Dave Matthews play in NYC!

I finally got a job in Marketing! & in the City!!

The Weeds Season Finale! Why that show is only a couple months long I have no idea.

The Kardashian Wedding

wait for it

wait for it

The Kardashian Divorce

Joined the gym and finally got myself on a training program that I have been sticking to for 2 months now!

I accidentally killed 90% of my fish after 9 months of watching them grow…

Learned how to cook some really great recipes – Soup, Thai & more!

Finally accepted that there are somethings I just can’t change. And even more importantly there are some things that I just don’t want to change.

Life is too short for regrets. Moving forward to 2012 with a clean slate and love in my heart.

Happy New Years Everyone!