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Good morning afternoon or evening to you. Yes I’ve apparently taken quite a bit of time off from this blogging thing…

So as not to dwell in the past I have quite a bit of new material to share!

This weekend was filled with activity! I finally after a 7 year break got myself back on the slopes. Boarding at Loon Mountain was awesome!! I broke in my new board (thanks Brian for the wax treatment) and had a blast on the greens w my dear friend Carlie!! Photo montage to follow…



We Survived!!




Friday as I made my way up to the mountain I had many thoughts and funny things happen to me as is usually the case when I drive long distances alone…

I’ve itemized a few of them below for you:

1. North Shore continues to suck… Don’t go there if you can help it. Traffic was horrendous… Continuing proof that south shore is and will always be better.

2. Bumper sticker Love > Fear

3. New Hampshire is amazing for their ability to grant me the best deals at the liquor store without even leaving the highway yay!!

4. Sign – break for moose… This sign always cracks me up… Show of hands how many of you didn’t know to do this?… Nobody??… Bueller!? Thank you I knew you were all intellectuals.

5. Although in an Obama fan… Bumper Sticker Don’t Blame Me I Voted For The American… Republicans never cease to amaze me, but this was a good one…

6. I love how NH drivers know how to use the “passing lane” it leaves plenty of room for me to fly by them 🙂

7. About 2.5 hours into my drive when all was dark around me I started to sing out loud in the car… Thank u iPod for providing me with DMB, Christina, Janet and Mariah songs during this time…

I arrived safely at our loon mountain condo in 4 hours… special shutout thanks to North Shore traffic for this one. Glass of wine and a soak in jacuzzi later my weekend finally began…

That’s all for now blogging from the bike is tough work… I have to focus on getting my sweat on. Stay tuned I’ve got a lot to talk about…

Question… What’s your favorite way to entertain yourself on a long drive!?