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It’s 5:30 am and as I crawled out of bed this morning I realized that in 2 weeks well be flipping the clocks forward… So from a technical perspective I’m just starting to get used to the time change. Right…

Ok another blog from the bike… Where in the world did winter go? I seriously can’t believe I had to drive a couple hours away from my New England home to see snow. Seriously winter that’s what it’s going to be like?

Here’s a pic of my pretty flowers that just started to bloom 🙂


Ok today’s topic of discussion is human nature. Specifically silence and the inability to say yes, no or maybe just because your afraid of disappointing the other person. In my eyes there is nothing worse than not being straight up with someone.

I watched that movie “what’s your number” last night and in it the younger sister didn’t want to tell her divorced mother that her father was coming and bringing his younger girlfriend. You watch as the bride gets more and more stressed and ultimately the mother is hurt. That’s what silence and lack of discussion does to people case and point.

In another example think of your relationship you have with your significant other. I mean sure there are things, little things, that you flip flop on like why didn’t you empty the dishwasher or did you seriously spend your while day on the couch. I mean those things just happen. But what I’m talking about are those tough topics like why won’t you compromise, why can’t you really make dinner with my parents or why are you so quiet?

Last point, when you’re making plans with friends to see a concert, go to the game or anything basic… There’s nothing worse than going along with the plan leading the organizer or your friends on and then pulling out at the last minute. I mean from the get go you usually know if you want to go or if you have enough money to do so or else you’d say something like hey I’m not sure right there and then.

Focus people these are your friends who love and care about you. Be straight with them so that you don’t end up hurting their feelings or wasting their precious time. Think about how you feel in these types of situations…

I am not sure if I’m just hyper sensitive to the topic or what. Maybe it’s just the fact that February is supposed to be a month of love (thank you Hallmark) and all I saw around me was hurt because people just couldn’t be straight and direct.

Whatever the case may be my advice

Tell it like it is and say what you mean. You’ll find that you have less stress in your life. More importantly the people around you have more respect for you and know that they can count on you to be true.

Ok your turn… How do you feel, any stories to share, thoughts?