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This morning was a riot let me tell you…

From the top, I decided to put my workout off till this evening since I was out a little late last night in the jacuzzi and couldn’t roll out of bed at 530 as planned. Not working out in the am allows me to fully doze off on the train, which is sweet!


But this did not happen either… Instead my train buddy missed her earlier train, so we were riding together and instead of bunkering down in my solo trough seat we sat at a table and began the normal routine.

Half way through the ride the rowdy group at the particular train stop boarded and began to commandeer the table area we were seated in. As a frequent rider in this car, I knew what I was in for and quite frankly I love listening to their banter in the morning. But as they entered the train singing happy grandma day and proceeded to squeeze into the seats we were already monopolizing… I knew that they were here to party!

Yes folks at 8 am there we all were munching on donuts, coffee and for some… some moonshine… watching Evelyn open her gifts. Mind you I had never really met these people but for sure they were really sweet!

The group of 10+ had all become friends through riding on the train together over the years. I’m a sound believer that everything happens for a reason. And this morning someone knew that I needed to be surrounded by a fun, stress & anxiety free environment (as some of you may know this is a must for me as of late!!).

What a blast!

This mornings activities brought me to the thought that you can make friends in all sorts of random places. Over the weekend I made a few friends on the mountain one while taking a break at a split and another as we both plastered ourselves in powder after hitting an ice patch.

Some of my besties I met in college playing rugby and the others… Well we basically found each other at our own particular time of need… I love you all ladies!!

Friends can be made anywhere and everywhere it’s all truly based on how you approach situations. A lot of people I know and love approach people and situations quite openly my fellow “go with the flow friends.”

I have to tell you if there’s a change you could make this is one to try!!!

Not only does it make your life much easier and less stressful, but it has a great impact on the lives of those around you. Go with the flow people!

If you’re a believer mad props… you know what I’m talking about.

If your not yet a convert… Do this… Just notice what happens when something your not comfortable with comes up. Then notice how your reactions effect that situation and the people your with. Lastly notice what new event or fun you’ve missed out on because the chip on your shoulder (or whatever YOU call it) has made you avert what life has thrown you…

Stay open people there are friends to be made everywhere and you only get one shot at this life.

Your turn what do you think??

P.S. yes I will be hitting the gym this even it’s lent and that’s my thing… 40 days strong 🙂 stay tuned!