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The 40 day Strong Challenge

This year for Lent I’ve decided that instead of giving up something that I would add working out daily to the mix. A co-worker shared with me that it’s basically giving up laziness so I’ll go with that as well. So 40 days strong here I come and on the 41st day I’ll rest…

I’m going to be logging my workouts here to keep myself honest on this whole bit…

I’ve recently fallen back in love with cycling. I have to admit I have a small obsession with spin class. They’re awesome!

Think about it… Someone else plays dj, makes sure your alternating speeds and ultimately sweating! It’s awesome!

Additionally my 530 am workout sessions have a large cycling component in it right now. Basically it’s still too dark and often too cold to run outside. This is a perfect way to start conditioning.

But like a former trainer of mine would say you can’t just phone it in. You have to be present for your workouts…

But hey what do I care your the one who will be sitting under that moomoo this year not me.

I have had this goal to get back to my high school fitness level for years. I must say its amazing how long it’s taken for me to lose that freshman 20 and I’m not going to let it hang around on me anymore.

The 40 day challenge for me is the final break in the monotonous cycle. I go through phases with working out I mean who doesn’t!

This is the first year that I’ve made sure I have the proper tools to meet my goal:
1. No boyfriend – check
2. A fancy Gym membership with more classes and locations that I can shake a stick at – check
3. No more excuses – check!

It’s not that tricky to break the cycle of working out, so I’ve armed myself with one last item… A giant and often empty gym in my basement. If I can’t walk my ass down 3 flights of stairs than I have bigger problems…

That my friends is my 40 Day Strong Challenge!

Your Turn!! What do you think? 🙂