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The weekend… I waited 5 long days for you and you’re already gone. How is it that the weekend can fly by so quickly!

Part of my burning the candle at both ends lifestyle includes working an extra job, running a household and now of course maintaining my 40 days strong challenge… Guess that’s where they go 😦

Weekends of course are when I catch up on things and pull an extra shift or two! I guess I like a challenge. This 40 day strong initiative is just another way to ensure i look good while doing it all down the road… One of my readers added that I should shoot for 40 years strong and I completely agree! Thank you for the motivation and your comments!

This weekend I decided to lay low one of my favorite things to do. I hit up my favorite local dive bar Friday, enjoyed my favorite cheap drink and played pool all night! I must admit I was quite impressed with my ability to um how do you say… WIN… Against grown men twice and three times my age… It’s pretty awesome to come back and shark out my mentors on the table… As a young lady I am quite proud of my stats!

Saturday was filled with errands and a tip to the fish store!! Yes my tank is full! Check them out!!


Then I enjoyed some quality time on the couch with my DVR! Loved The Biggest Loser and the great Conda Jeremy Switch!! And Celebrity Apprentice’s new season looks like its going to be a good one! If I were Trump… Victoria Gotti would win just say’in…

As for the 40 day strong challenge I did quite well! Friday I decided to do some Total Body Conditioning for lunch. My trainer was a little insane but for mid day her comments and drills were perfect to keep me motivated. When I returned to my desk I could hardly type…

On Saturday I was super sore. Hey I trained hard all week! So I took a long walk at a good pace and tried not to get blown away by the Gale Force Winds!!

It’s now Sunday and in typical fashion I’m blogging from the bike in the home gym. Why do I do this? Well there’s no tv down here and blogging helps me lose track of the time and the sporati.c steep inclines that sneak up on me as te program runs its course. Believe me there are lots of typos, but this method works for me!!

Hope you had a great weekend!