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Dear Monday… I’m not afraid of you. I just hate your guts! I mean honestly the only good thing about Monday morning is knowing that there’s only 4 more wake ups till I can sleep in.

Last night after working all day I went to Mama Mia’s with the ladies from work. We normally get together once a year and enjoy some quality time/cocktails together šŸ™‚ this is the Sangria cocktail I opted for…


On deck for Monday I have my favorite Total Body Conditioning Class and I’m going to break in my Nike iPod sensor… Pretty psyched to have this since it’s almost nice enough to run outside as part of my routine. oh ya this thing rocks!!! P.S. not sure if my shoes are bright enough…


On a more frustrating note… This weekend I was reminded about the importance of being truthful with people. Due to the inability of someone to be completely truthful with another person that person is not fully able to let go and start healing… It’s not fair to hold people back… So sad. But honestly not my life and not my problem… It was my last straw though and I’m officially d.o.n.e…

To end the day I’m curling up with this delicious 110 calorie smoothie!! And The Bachelor ah life is good šŸ™‚