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Day 7… It’s amazing how some mornings you can hop right out of bed and others you snooze until your late!! Why is that? I tend to go to bed around the same time due to all the goodies on my DVR… This morning I hopped up and am now presenting you with a blog from the bike… 5:30 am style!

For those of you who are still snoozing it’s getting lighter and lighter at this hour… It’s almost morning run season for this girl!

Where are my Bachelor fans? What is going on with Ben! I mean Courtney really! The tabloids are going to eat them up after the finale…

What do you think?

I personally can’t wait. I was a Kacie B fan all the way. She was so sweet and brave to have come back for answers and clarity. She’s due to be the next bachelorette down the road!

Ok these hills on the bike today are killer! And I’m noticing even though I’m only a week in that I reach my sweat much sooner! They say that the better shape your in the more & quicker you sweat… Oh ya attractive fact of the day for you!

Breakfast I’m enjoying the remainder of my awesome shake from last night!! I can see why people love these things!

Anyone know of a good shake based diet worth trying??!!


I have also decided that I’m going to accept the percentage weight loss challenge I received yesterday… There’s really no way I can back down from the Yankee loving Jersey boy who sits across from me… Plus it’ll help me curb my afternoon chocolate cravings double win! It’s on!!

Have a great day everyone!!