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Good Morning!

My 40 Day Strong Challenge continues. On deck for Wednesday Is the usual 5:30 wake and sweat session and I’m pulling a double today.This evening I’m slightly torn.

Should I go cardio kickboxing or to super spin??

Help me decide!!

I have to say day 8 and this training thing is getting more interesting. As my log will reflect I’ve made it 8 straight days thus far! Only 32 + the rest of my life to go… 🙂


I mentioned yesterday that I’ve accepted a weight loss challenge from my coworker, “the Yankee fan.” As a Massachusetts native born and raised! There’s no way I’m going to let the evil empire beat me. So bring it on Think Too Much… That’s exactly what you’ll be doing once I smoke you in the scale…

Ok enough trash talk… To be honest its already helping me stay away from the afternoon Reeses Cups… Stay tuned!

On the train this morning I’ve decided to skip or delay the morning bagel with another awesome smoothie!! It’s tough when working out in the morning for me to curb the hunger that ensues per lunch. Any suggestions out there??


We’re in for some winter weather today so be safe out there people 🙂