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Saturday morning! I slept in until 8 amazing considering back before the real work world sleeping in was more like 11 or 12… I had a million errands around the house and some work emails to answer so I hopped up and made it happen.

For breakfast I opted to give my coffee maker a break and whipped up another awesome shake that I’ve been raving about… Seriously they’re so good and only 110 calories a serving… There’s two servings in a package and honestly I usually have 2 because it’s a meal replacement for me often.

I have been dying to hit up a Yoga class for weeks now. Sadly I haven’t been able to make it happen till today. Call this another blog from the bike since I’ve made to 20 trek to the local gym and am waiting for class to start!! Power Yoga here I come!!

Whats your favorite type of yoga?