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Today my good friend Laura introduced me to Monday DoublesHoly Moly!!

Today started out like any normal Monday… A small coffee spill, speeding a lil cause I think I’m late and then 1 or 2 assholes who feel like its their right to intrude in my bubble. My 5k shine from Sunday quickly wore off and like any other Monday it was back to the daily grind…

I opted for my healthy snack options and devoured a chicken salad sandwich w cranberries, walnuts and red peppers on rosemary bread all compliments of mi Casa!! It took a lot of will power to stick with it today specifically because the boss was buying lunch… In my book Monday is the worst day to give in because then the rest of the week’s a wash.

Oh ya and check out my fancy water with oranges and limes!!


It’s super important to drink lots of water workout or not… So when water gets boring or you wish you had a cocktail… Pop some fruit in! You’ll thank me 🙂

Anyways Double Mondays… Omg!! Laura is training for a tough muder obstacle course race in May so these doubles are part of her regular routine… I think she might be crazy… I think I might be crazy for joining her going forward!!

I started my Monday workout with my favorite total body conditioning class with Ina!! While doing dead lifts and one legged squats I could really feel the effects from yesterday’s run. Hips were just a little sore (nothing a little hot tub later in the week can’t fix!!)…

I hopped out of class and into the next… Super Spin! 1 hour of feel the burn, hill climbing, techno beats & lots of sweat. It’s definitely not the most glamorous, but damn does it work!!

All I have to say is thank god Tuesday is my light daySerious!

Ok your turn… What’s your favorite class at the gym!??