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Home and it’s still light out!! This is the best thing that could be happening! For reals people!

Today I thought I was feeling pretty good after my double session last night… Until I had to head downstairs at the station. Talk about Gram skills! I’m definitely a bit tender today so glad it’s my light day.

I was well behaved at work today enjoyed my 2 pieces of toast, bag of apple cinnamon Cheerios and a coffee for breakfast.


Lunch came quick and for me it was round two of chicken salad with cranberries, walnuts, celery and red peppers. My last batch and it was bomb!


Afternoon snack I had some celery with peanut butter and a granola bar…

Seriously who I am and what did you do with that girl I used to be???

Today’s workout is LIGHT so only 30 minutes of bike and some weight training. I must say that blogging from the bike today is not only keeping me occupied, but I’m on the tall bike today so working on posture and abs typing away for you people… Not too shabby! Although I just looked at my time and I’m only half way thru and dripping…

Later… Light day??? Yeah right I totally did a normal workout by accident… Who does that?

Tonight is my fun night, couple of beers with my team and the boys. It’s good that I didn’t give up drinking or food items for lent this year. Just laziness. Here we go FBombs!