Getting out of bed can sometimes be the hardest part of your whole day. This rainy Friday morning was a tough one for me to overcome.

It’s amazing how your mind can rationalize, delay and replan things that you wanted to do in the morning just for an extra 5/10 minutes of sleep.

Since I’ve given up laziness and taken on the 40 Day Strong Challenge I knew that all the excuses I was feeding myself this morning were just excuses.

It’s amazing what people use as excuses. Anything from the weather, their kids, money to just plain stubborn behavior. Get it together people!

I love watching The Biggest Loser this season. Their theme is No Excuses for not living a healthy lifestyle…. Diet and Exercise… Besides the normal motivation the show provides for me… This seasons theme has reached me on a more personal level. No more excuses!

As the “Dog Days Are Over” began to play on my headphones this morning I knew that getting out of bed and down to the gym was all worth while.

Im hitting some Spin training in my gym this morning with a side of weight training. In an effort to sweat out last nights booze I am keeping my sweatshirt on and the water flowing…

This leads me to a new question. People have ranted and raved about the ‘cleanse‘ diets whether their 7, 14 or 30 days I’ve founds that people either love them or didn’t have the discipline to stick to them.

Whats the deal with them?

Anyone have a positive experience out there and care to share the recipe for success?