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Welcome to the Love that March Madness Burning The Candle At Both Ends Challenge.

Most March Madness competitions focus on basketball which I love!! And so my colleague and I have decided in the spirit of sport of course to host this Love/Hate competition.

As I may have mentioned Mr. Think Too Much is from Jersey and I am from Boston so naturally the theme of our competition is very fitting!

We’ve chosen a Bracketological approach much like the Final Four to pair up Things I Love against eachother too see which is truly better…

My friend Think Too Much who in typical Jersey hater style will be posting on Things He Hates. Check him out!

The Challenge for the ultimate title of:
Most Loved Thing in the World”
Starting this Monday and for the next few weeks during the real March Madness tournament, I will be hosting this special tournament. Instead of basketball teams, “things I love” will be competing against each other.

I will be working with Adam from Think Too Much, so be sure to check out the other half of the tournament there.

How does this challenge work?

Match-ups posted multiple times a week will pit two “things I love” against each other.

It’s your job to read each post and VOTE on which thing you love more by writing a comment at the bottom of each post.

Whichever loved thing gets the most votes at the end of the week wins and moves on to the next round.

There are 3 rounds of match-ups.
Two chances to win two awesome prizes!

The first way to win a prize is to POST A COMMENT for every matchup.

But here’s the twist: your comment must be awesome. Here’s what I mean…
I will select one awesome comment from each matchup and enter that person’s name into a prize drawing.

How can you make your comment awesome? Awesome comments are:

The “winning” names will be announced every Monday and entered into the drawing. If selected you must remember that you have been entered into the drawing only.

The second way to win a prize is to SUBSCRIBE to Burning The Candle At Both Ends. Every person who signs up is automatically entered into a second prize drawing. Those that have signed up prior to the contest are still eligible to win.

Both winners of the drawings will be announced after the contest is over.
Stay tuned for the next post when I reveal the 8 “things I love.”