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Half Marathon Training

I have decided its now or never and will begin training to run a half marathon at the end of May. I am armed with an 11 week training program that has me starting by running 3 miles today.

I never thought I’d take my 40 Day Challenge. to this extreme and I guess I have all of you to thank! Seriously if it weren’t for your encouraging comments and then the support of my 3 friends who will be running with me… I’m not quite sure I’d truly be as motivated.

My goal is to not get hurt along the way. I’m really excited to see the end result! And to cross another thing off My List.

What motivates you to run?

I have to tell you I didn’t really feel like working out when I got home today. I over came this by remembering exactly why I need to start this & I visualized the end of May…

I chose to run a route around my old neighborhood. Passing all those houses where my friends and classmates used to live, passed the fence we used to sit on and the Grassy Knoll we’d laze away warm afternoons on. It’s surreal to think how far we’ve all come in life.

I set out to run 3 miles and ended with 3.7 under my belt. Took a few different turns than I had planned… As my little Nike+ counted the pavement behind me, I was truly glad I set out to enjoy the 60 degree temps and start my training right.