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I heart Vegi Burgers!! 20120313-122725.jpg

The amount of prep work that goes into meals is amazing! It starts from even before you hit the grocery and doesn’t end till you’ve cleared the dishes! Toasting a Vegi burger for lunch makes it easy for me.

I have made it a priority to eat healthy and especially while I’m training and continuing the 40 Day Strong Challenge. Today I logged 3.25 miles. Day 2 of half marathon training… Only 10 more weeks to go!

Eating Health… Let’s just say it hasn’t been easy! Spring has some of the best candy… I absolutely love mini eggs to the point where I’d stock up on at least 2 five pound bags to share, but you know who would eat the majority. This year in happen to say that I have only eaten 3… Eggs period! For those of you who know me this is quite the accomplishment!

What else am I eating? Well quick photo montage of my ‘good choices’ from today… Yes I consider Pad Thai ok to eat!!






This brings me to round two of ‘Things I Love’

Cadbury Mini Eggs


Pad Thai

Convince me which is better and be entered to win the Final Four Match Up!!

Ok Go!