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My schedule this week has been crazy! Working, Running and Playing w the Pups has really taken a lot out of me! Last night I ran 3.14 in honor of PI day. Ok truth be told I stopped at 3.26 (courtesy of Nike+)… Tonight I have another 3 miles on deck in the rain but it’s my last for the week until 5 miles on Saturday…

Call me a dork but I use MapMyRun.com quite frequently to help me figure out my miles and of course mix up the scenery for myself. There are a lot of places so close to home that I’ve yet to explore!

Today’s Final Four comparison challengers are…

Jersey Shore


Mob Wives

I probably forgot to mention that I love Reality/Scripted Reality TV… It provides a lot of spice, home decorating ideas and over all includes some high quality mind numbing entertainment after a long day at work…

Ok your turn weigh in and win!!