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Fridays at the station can always be so hectic. Filled with college kids and foreigners… It’s a pretty cool reminder of the world out there especially after you’ve been cooped up in the office all week.

Today I’ve decided to challenge you to pick/compare and vote on which you like better:
Running/dancing/playing in the Rain


Arriving Home Safely after a long trip

I love them both! Vote and win!

Yesterday evening I severely hurt my knees on my run. My coach suggests that it’s because of the many hills that were on my route. This makes sense since it was about 2/3rds of the way thru and I had just come down a huge hill… (I had climbed this hill earlier in the run…) anyways now I’m left to rest! I really hope I feel better tomorrow as I’m supposed to go for 5 miles… A feat I haven’t attempted since I was last in San Fran and heartbroken…

Guess that saying has a little truth. You know “I left my heart in San Francisco”

Anyways tomorrow is St Patty’s people so have a great weekend! Drink good beer! The Irish would never sacrifice true taste for green colored beer!