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And so it begins…

After much deliberation I have decided to start training again.

My goal the Hyannis 1/2 Marathon in February.

February… One of the coldest months of the year not to mention having to train through the other 3 cold months. What am I thinking!

To me at this point in my life it only makes sense to pursue this challenge. Not only are we about to face calories galore over the holidays, but those close to me know that again I’ve been faced with a tough loss which of course I just turn into a great opportunity to get things started again!

With that I welcome you my readers to another round of Burning The Candle At Both Ends… posts, confessions, rants and more all while training for this half.

Week 1…
Sunday was absolutely gorgeous. Although I had to work all day I managed to scrape myself out of bed and hammer out 3.1 miles. The first run of many on my little training guide! (Thanks Sarah)

I’m shooting for a 10 minute pace for this marathon which seems slow, but its no joke once those longer runs kick in. 352 calories later I was on the move!

That night I hit up my friend Adriano’s movie Trailer premier. The Irish Whisper!

20121113-081631.jpg We can’t wait for the big screen!! Good luck in Hollywood A!!

Monday Monday Monday for reals my hardest workout day of the week. Killed it!

Ina’s Total Body Conditioning class is not for the weak of heart or the lazy! Multiple Series of squats, weights and abs for an hr!


Ya there’s a then

Super Spin!! Rebecca motivates us through another hour of techno beats, jumps, hills and speed sessions.

After these classes I can literally ring my shirt out… No joke!

I can’t lie getting through the Monday doubles puts a huge smile on my face and if nothing more a solid sense of accomplishment for the day! Thank you Monday!!

Keep reading and keep me motivated πŸ˜‰