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Hello! Hello!

Yes after 2 solid days at home snowed in I have finally convinced myself to write again 🙂

To bring you up to speed…

January ’13 – I turned 30…
February ’13 – I ran a 1/2 Marathon, finished the race then couldn’t walk for 1 month and had about 2 months of PT
May ’13 – I ran again no more than 2 miles at a time…
September ’13 – I ran my first 5k up in Boston a wicked successful moment for me over coming my injury and what not…
November ’13 – I completed my first Spartan Race at Fenway Park! What a moment and what a crazy race!
Day after the race… I feel off the wagon and onto the couch for the past 3 months.

Let’s be honest when you start watching Entertainment News and you already know all the headlines… It’s time people.

So let’s get to W.O.D. Willis was talking about…

I’m starting crossfit… and no this will not become one of those crazy crossfit filled blogs… I need to find an alternative way to get my ass in shape this time around since I’ve really been quite set back injury wise from all that running… Seriously crossfit is no joke. I spent an hour at a new place nearby and it was great! Really small group of people which is perfect for me. I really need someone to motivate me and fix my form, etc.

Long story short… I felt like I was going to puke, I was craving all sorts of healthy foods after, and 2 days later… My arms feel like they’re ready for the gun show. I call that a WIN!

Here was my first official W.O.D. which I actually couldn’t finish and thank god he spared me of the last 20 burpees… #ImSoOutOfShape

Please enjoy this motivational quote and modified WOD details:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” MLK

W.O.D Monday January 20, 2014:
Strength: Dips with hands on box or bench superset with 30 sec. plank holds 5 sets
Then for time-
50 Burpees

I finished in 5:15 enough said… I will be back Burpees and I will make you my bitch.

#FoodPorn Time
Ok on the menu this evening is home made Pizza!! I have a bunch of toppings I’ve been hording in my refrigerator, so I picked up some dough at the grocery store earlier this week and tonight I’m making it happen!
Disclaimer: There are no claims that this is gluten free, paleo diet, healthy for you, and may be addictive 🙂

20140122-181244.jpgI started w/ the store bought premade Pizza Dough… I moved on by spreading the last of my home made meat sauce, sprinkled grated & shredded cheese (A Wise man once told me “The More Cheese the Better“), threw on some garlic chicken from the Football party, added some sweet onion and… GARLIC! I’m obsessed w/ Garlic the more the better! #VampiresBeware

20140122-181252.jpg#Foodporn Beauty Shots!!

Sorry you can’t measure perfection, so just envision yourself sprinkling all these ingredients on dough to make the perfect pizza and you’ve got the recipe down!


Extreeeeemmmmeee Closeeee UP Oven!



Amazing Homemade Pizza w/ ‘leftover’ toppings 🙂20140122-182800.jpg

Question of the Day:

What are your favorite Pizza Topping Combos?