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Sunday morning! (swoon!!)

I love a good Sunday morning! Nowhere to be, nothing planned! Peaceful Sunday mornings 🙂

I am a huge fan of making breakfast on the weekends, but cooking for one ain’t no fun! So this morning I whipped up a little something for you! Frittata, perhaps you’ve heard of it? After googling a few recipes on AllRecipes and taking inventory of the ingredients I have here in the house… I got out of bed and got the project underway.

I started by softening onion, red pepper and kale in a skillet. Yes, I have caught onto the kale kraze it’s amazing not yucky at all! Kale is wicked good for you, but I recently read an article in Self magazine that warned it will make you feel bloated but so will broccoli, beer and life…


Once things had softened I cracked up 8 eggs and put the whole shebang together in a pie dish and then sprinkled cheese on top. Keep in mind I’ve never made a frittata before… So clearly I was channeling my inner Martha Stewart here 🙂


I put into the oven at 350 for 15 min and tadaaa Frittataaa!



Why did you make a whole pie when cooking for one you ask?

Well, part of my New Years resolution has been to bring my lunch/food into work and not to eat out… As much…