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Have you ever started watching a hit show episode after episode, season after season?

This is me, but instead of finishing same day I often can’t circle back for weeks!! As part of my NYR (New Years resolutions) to finish my to do list…

I decided to finish (finally) watching Breaking Bad (2 years later). Now I get what everyone was talking about truly a great ending to an action packed show!

I also started watching Orange is the New Black! and I hope to catch up in time for the next season!

Thank goodness for Netflix!!

Anyways it’s an awesome series I’m about 1/2 through the first season! And I wonder do they really let you wonder around so freely in jail??

Completely relaxing day here! I love Sundays!


On the training front I kicked my miles up to 3 at just over 10min/mile. The run felt great even with the snow/slush on the sides of the roads…

I’ve been increasing my miles .5 every week. So I’m on track now to get started training for a 1/2 marathon soon! Bring on the freezing temps!

What’s your favorite Sunday activity?